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Dental Care


Dental care is an essential component of maintaining the overall health and longevity of your pet.  Dental disease can affect not only your pet's mouth but also other parts of the body.  During your pet's wellness examination, our veterinarians will inspect your pet's mouth and teeth.  Depending on the doctor's findings, recommendations will be made regarding preventative measures and dental cleaning. When fractured or diseased teeth are identified, dental surgery to extract the affected teeth may be necessary.

Is your pet eating hard food more slowly or showing a shifting preference for soft food?  Do you notice a foul odor to your pet's breath?  Is your pet drooling or rubbing his face?  Is a swelling developing on your pet's cheek?  If so, your pet may already have dental disease.  Call us to schedule an appointment to have one of our veterinarians evaluate your pet.

Yawning Cat
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