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Our Team

Compassionate. Dedicated. Skilled.


cali, hospital queen

Cali became our hospital greeter when we adopted her in 2013 from a client who could no longer keep her.  At that time, she was 11 years old and she has since become the hospital matriarch.  Cali spends her days overseeing her subjects, the humans and pets who enter her domain.  She usually does this with her eyes closed while sleeping in a sunny spot or on the reception desk.  Cali sets the tone, as royal cats are known to do, and though she often solicits petting, she has her limits.  Other favorite activities include staring at staff during their lunch breaks, occupying chairs when needed by staff, and perching on Jolene's desk, keyboard, or shoulder when Jolene is trying to work in her office.  We all know Cali rules.


aka corona cat aka rona Mae 

Little Rona was purring loudly when she arrived on 4/20/2020.  That was the day the CCSPCA brought the skinny stray to us to assess her injuries.  Her major problems involved her back legs.  She couldn't walk on her left hindleg due to an old injury.  It was unbelievable she was walking with her right hindleg despite having an infected knee wound and broken bones in her paw!  We instantly fell in love with Rona and we devised a treatment plan that included giving Rona her forever home at CVH.  Rona was an amazing, trusting patient for each of her procedures that included her left hindleg amputation, her spay surgery, and later extractions of many diseased teeth.  Most days, Rona can be found chasing objects throughout the hospital, meowing at everyone for attention, and asking for 1st breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, 1st dinner, 2nd dinner, and dinner snack.  Rona hasn't stopped purring!


Dr. Mark Martin, owner

Dr. Martin graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1972 and from Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978.  He responded to a job listing at the Cortland Veterinary Hospital immediately after graduation and was hired as an associate veterinarian by Dr. Edward Steinfeldt.  In 1982, Dr. Martin became the owner of the practice.  He has enjoyed working with many pets and their owners over the years. Recently, Dr. Martin has semi-retired to allow more time to spend with his family and to pursue his interests in skiing, fishing, and tennis.


Dr. Jerald Shing, owner

Dr. Shing is a Cornell graduate ('80 and '84) and he considers himself lucky to be doing the work he loves.  He especially enjoys soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and geriatric medicine.  It is very gratifying for him to team with families in caring for their pets and to see generations of families entrusting the caregivers at CVH with their pets' well-being.  The marvel of veterinary medicine struck home when he successfully anesthetized and surgically removed a lump from his daughter's goldfish.  When not taking care of pets, he takes care of plants, goes hiking and canoeing.  His family has three goldfish and two dogs.  Marco is a senior pom-chi who was surrendered locally and Chloe is a rescue from Kentucky.  Some day in the future, Dr. Shing plans to raise a flock of chickens just like to ones he tended while growing up in rural Massachusetts.


janis, bookkeeper

Janis graduated from Capital University in Bexley Ohio with a bachelor's degree in biology.  She became a licensed animal health technician and was hired by Linworth Animal Hospital in Linworth, Ohio.  In 1978, she moved to New York and began working at the Cortland Veterinary Hospital in 1982 as a technician and office manager.  During that time, she also became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and cared for many song birds and small mammals.  She is now mainly retired, and although she misses the many clients and patients she enjoyed over the years, she has more time to focus on her five grandchildren! She has a Cairn Terrier named Zeb and a 3 legged cat named Roo. 



Jolene graduated from SUNY Canton in 1996 and began working as a licensed veterinary technician at CVH that fall.  Among her many talents is the magical ability to soothe scared snarling cats.  Over the years, she mastered the art of veterinary nursing and, in 2018, she was promoted to hospital manager which means she's the force that keeps the hospital running.  Jolene and her husband, Jeff, have 2 sons, Brennan and Brysen.  Their family includes three Llewellin English Setters: Tye, Remi, and Blue, and three cats: Ivy, Virginia, and Bella. Jolene's pastimes include boating, fishing, hiking, and traveling.  By the way, the staff has lost count of how many of our clients are Jolene's relatives and friends.

Image by Stephanie Cook


Brittany started working as a kennel attendant at CVH in 2012 when she was a high school student.  Here is where she discovered her passion for caring for pets and she set her sights on a career as a vet tech.  After graduating from high school, she attended TC3 and then enrolled at SUNY Delhi for her vet tech degree.  We were elated when Brittany decided to return to CVH to embark on her new career.  Now, Brittany works full time at Cornell's ICU and she continues to help at CVH on Saturdays.  It's been an honor to help Brittany attain her goal.  And it's been fun seeing her adjust to adulting.  She's currently parenting Zella, a Rottweiler she adopted from a CVH client, and Zella's baby brother, Sampson, a Cane Corso who has quickly outgrown Zella.  Both live their best lives as couch potatoes.


brandy, receptionist

Brandy joined our team in November 2020 and she's done exceedingly well in deciphering Dr. Martin's and Dr. Shing's handwriting.  There's a steep learning curve.  Brandy has worked in customer service in a myriad of fields for 22 years and she has a business degree with an emphasis in financing from TC3.  She shares her Dryden home with two cats, Octavia and Hunter.  Octavia is a sassy brown tiger and Hunter is an orange tabby who lives up to his name.  The favorite part of her job is meeting your pets!

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